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The philosophy behind this site is to provide quick accessible science and technology information. In other words, anything about science that could be efficiently tabulated, since we believe that in most cases information that could not be conveniently tabulated is in many cases useless and time consuming.

For example, in the case of chemistry, in order to stick to our "quick facts" policy, instead of the usual awkward periodic table homepage, we prefer to begin with a convenient alphabetical table of the elements with the basics enabling more advanced information by clicking the element's name. See our chemistry homepage: Chemistry Quick Facts.

This site is mainly focused on patents, inventions and discoveries.

About Julian Rubin
The Author of

Julian Rubin lives in Israel.

Julian has been an avid reader from early age and penned his first novel (see below) at the age of twelve in Hebrew.

By profession, he is an electronics and computer technician and those are the positions he held in the Israeli army Signal Corps and upon release, at the Israeli National Telecommunication Company. He earned his Bachelorís degree in math and history at the Open University of Israel and makes a living, mainly as an information specialist freelancer and as a math, English and science high school teacher.

He is also very interested in Bible history.

Julian Rubin's first juvenile novel, The Orchid Grower, reflects many of his life experiences and interests (children, dogs, sports, science, Internet). It presents to the young reader several scientific topics fluently interwoven into an adventure plot in order to encourage science, web and computer literacy among the young. He prefers to write for the pre-puberty age because those youngsters are old enough to understand and young enough not to lose optimism.

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Julian Rubin

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